Time To Unwind Wall Decor or Table Topper – Filet Crochet – Pattern and Charts

This cute filet crochet pattern has a ball of yarn with knitting needles sticking out of it, with the words time to unwind. It can be used as wall decor or table topper. It is approximately 23 by 23 inches and would make the perfect gift for someone who is into fiber arts.

Included in this Pattern:
1. Simple Instructions for how to filet crochet
2. Stitch placement chart that is easy to follow.
3. Crochet stitch symbol chart – row by row in crochet symbols.
4. Simple Border (optional) instructions.
5. Blocking Instructions (optional)
6. First 22 row written out row by row to show how simple it is to follow the charts
7. I am available to help if needed.