How it works

Welcome to Fiberocity!

Fiberocity is a lovely community of like minded individuals who share the passion of handcrafted products using fibers. Our online presence is meant to be a community to those who share the craft and talent of creating fiber related products, like shawls, yarn, and patterns. We encourage our vendors to interact in a positive manner to cultivate an online community of artists who use fibers in their works! Join our Fiberocity community to socialize with other artists, share your work, and become a vendor today.


Vendors of Fiberocity are among the community of artists and creators that use fibers. This community exists to allow artists to generate revenue on their talents and creativity, all while encouraging the small business mentality. Fiberocity only takes 10% unlike other platforms that nickels and dimes their vendors. We have recently made upgrades to our vendor platform to make your experience as a vendor much easier so you can spend more time creating!



Our store is open to the public for those looking to support local artists and small business related to fiber products. At Fiberocity, we aim to cultivate the culture of handmade items crafted by talented and creative individuals. All products included in our store are unique and handmade, meaning there is something for everyone! In addition, you can purchase downloadable patterns that will save in your Fiberocity profile to use for years to come.

Need inspiration for your next project or stuck on a difficult pattern?

Check out the projects that are currently being used and created by other artists. We strive to showcase the creativity and talent of all artists with Fiberocity! If you are testing out a new pattern, share your results or ask for advice on corrections here. Our community of artists love to talk about their innovative designs, unique handwork, and most of all, their passion for all things fiber! If you are an artist who wants to share insights on your special skill set, you can lay out your step-by-step guide. We look forward to seeing all the creative projects you have going on! So pick your favorite pattern and put your special spin on it, then share it here with us! While we are showcasing new patterns being made in progress, all are in the works to be sold in the near future.

Fiberocity Support and Communication Benefits:


As an effort to cultivate our community that is passionate about using fibers in their art and products, we host our very own forms specific to Fiberocity. The forums will inform readers of updates on Fiberocity, including new features, rules, and other news.


Keeping it Social

Our platform allows the community of Fiberocity to use the site as a social media platform with like minded individuals where members can mention, friend, join a group and create a favorites section of products, members and vendors.

Monthly Newsletter

Make sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter to see updates and learn about featured products and vendors! The Fiberocity newsletter will also include educational content such as tips and tricks, guides to selling products, and more.